I always think the worst.

I always think the worst.

No matter what is it, if someone’s mad or frustrated or anything other than happy with me I think they’re never going to talk to me again.

If I have a sore throat or a headache or any type of sick symptom I think I’m dying.

Even with something like a test, I always think I failed no matter how well I knew the material.

But recently I’ve been thinking to myself, it could be worse. I need to stop thinking the worst of everything and getting so scared for the wrong reasons.

I’m living a great life, I have great friends at home, an amazing boyfriend that always puts up with me when I’m thinking the worst of a situation, I’m doing well in college, I’m making new friends and dealing with things on my own and becoming independent, and I have a family that supports me.

It’s selfish of  me to think that my life is bad just because I’m feeling sick for a few days, or because I did poorly on a test. It could be worse.

I’ve become very thankful for the life I have and everyone who is a part of it. I need to express this thankfulness more often than I do because the people in my life deserve to know that they are a big part of who I am today, as cliche as that sounds.

I guess I just need to be more positive about life instead of always thinking of the worst possible situation as the first outcome.


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