I haven’t posted in so long.

My life has been one crazy whirlwind for the past few months. I’ve been so so so busy.
This quarter has gone by so quickly though, maybe it’s because every day I’m just so tired I just get through the day to go to sleep for 6 hours at the most then wake up and do it all over again.

I finally took a break this weekend though. This Friday was the first Friday I haven’t gone out all term, definitely a complete 180 from who I was last year at this time. But then Saturday totally put my night off in the trash, I can’t believe I was walking around in 39 degrees at 4 in the morning. I’m surprised I’m not sick right now.

This week is about to be crazy, I have sorority stuff every evening this week with meetings and homework and class, oh, and a huge research paper due Thursday. I’m so fucked.

Even with all the craziness, I’ve been finding time for myself, which means rock climbing. I’ve been going at least twice a week with the climbing club, and last week I made it to the wall 4 times. I absolutely love the feeling of being up on the wall and climbing a hard climb.

Basically just a little update, I’m super excited to go home for Thanksgiving to see all my friends and dogs! I miss my puppies a lot. And being home will mean a break from school for those few days! Woo!

Also, I’ve decided I love it here, my school is awesome and so are all the people here.


That is all. Bye for now.