Why is the sky blue?
Why does the Earth rotate along an axis of 23 degrees?
Why did it hail today?
Why do people enjoy music?
Why are grades so important?
Why do runners enjoy running?
Why do males feel the need to be “buff”?
Why do females feel insecure if they’re not skinny?
Why do sororities have such a negative stereotype?
Why do we take tests if they’re just going to be curved?
Why are polar bears so vicious?
Why is it okay for people to eat with their mouths open?
Why are some people so passive aggressive?
Why don’t dogs sweat?
Why are flowers pretty?
Why is this song stuck in my head?
Why does my knee hurt?
Why must girls be so dramatic?
Why did my dog die?
Why are we no longer friends?
Why do I love this school so much?
Why does weather fascinate me so much?
Why is my nose still cold?
Why the hell am I writing this?